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  Technical Consultancy  

This division consists of competent engineers having in depth technical knowledge of civil and infrastructure construction activities. Our services are offered to private parties as well as government. Some of our clients include  Indian Railways, MSRDC, Gujrat Adani Port Ltd., Gujrat Positra Port infrastructure Ltd. and  Gujrat Infrastructure Development Board.

Railway Track Surveys  
This includes Reconnaissance surveys, Preliminary surveys and final location surveys as per requirements of the clients. This also includes Railway Sidings, Rail Over Bridges, Gauge Conversion, Track Signalling and electrification.  
This includes Feasibility reports, Project reports and Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports based of the surveys conducted  
Turnkey Project Management  

In addition to survey and reporting, we undertake total project Management for our clients. Here, we provide services such as Planning, Drawing, Awarding civil contracts, Supervision during construction activity, Quality Control and handing over the completed project within the desired time.

Marine Engineering  

This includes water supply and irrigation projects and Marine Engineering Structures.

  • Mumbai, Maharashtra.
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