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  Iron Casting

Our Casting Division is involved in ferrous castings of strict technical specifications. We prepare moulds, make chemical combinations and give birth to casting items as per exact specifications of our customers.
Our unit is located at Silvassa. Our casting unit is a perfect combination of mass production and customer specific production. Our castings are mainly used in the following applications

Railway Inserts

The SCGI inserts we manufacture are used for interlocking the railway tracks onto the concrete sleeper. We supply these to Railway Sleeper manufacturers.

Electric Insulator Industries

We manufacture a variety of castings for electric insulator industries. Caps and Flanges of various dimensions form major line of products.

Automobile Sector

We develop custom made products for Original Equipment Manufacturers which are ultimately used in the automobile sector.

This includes water supply and irrigation projects and Marine Engineering Structures.

  • Silvassa, Gujrat.
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